Dave Saved Me $20,000

Being a first time home buyer is a very trying experience to say the least. I am currently living out of state and buying a home across the country just complicates everything further. I flew to Kansas one weekend and found what I thought was going to be a very good "starter" home. We negotiated the price and all the deal came down to was the inspection.

I was recommended to have my inspection completed by Dave as he is commonly known as one of the best in Manhattan. I cannot stress enough that this was the best decision I have made thus far. The report was promptly emailed to me in .pdf format the next morning and attached to the email were many photos that I could reference from the report. The inspection came back with all sorts of problems including the roof, the foundation, electrical problems and countless leaks of all sorts.

The money I spent on the inspection was worth every penny as Dave saved me from having to sink probably $20,000 into a home that would have been a money pit. I cancelled my contract and am now on a search for another residence. And without a doubt, it will be Dave who I trust to complete the inspection on my next home!


Easy And Simple Process

I was very impressed with a job well done. The time it took to have a complete and detailed report with pictures was amazing. I would recommend you again, you were very timely and was even able to answer my questions after the completion of your job! Thanks for making this process easy and simple. Great Job.


Identified Things I Failed To Notice

I live in California and am in the process of buying a home in Kansas. I was referred to Dave Carrara for a home inspection since I didn't want to commit and buy a home without having a third parties opinion of it and I needed to satisfy my concerns prior to committing to a lot of money. I contacted him by phone and explained my situation and what I was looking for. We came to an agreement for the services being provided.

He was able to perform the inspection in the short period I had to work with. The inspection provided a very thorough coverage of the house and property and even identified things I failed to notice when I looked at the house. The pictures that he took and provided along with the report were very instrumental in painting a very good picture of what I was buying into. He is very professional and does a very thorough inspection and I would recommend his services to everyone.


Allowed Me To Confidently Assess The House

Dave Carrara's response time to my request to conduct a house inspection was fast.  The house was fully inspected within 3 days of calling.  At the conclusion, he provided me with a detailed, professional, written report - complete with pictures.  The report was unbiased and accurate, and allowed me to properly and confidently assess the house before I purchased it.


Inspection Report Was Invaluable

My inspection report was comprehensive and invaluable to me as an out-of-state home purchaser. The data, explanations and pictures were clear and informative. I was able to use the results as leverage for the final contract on my new-construction home. Thank you!